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The Greek Community of Toronto (GCT) is a communal institution established in 1909.  Incorporated in 1965 and is a registered non-profit charitable organization representing over 150,000 Canadians of Hellenic descent in the Greater Toronto Area, the GCT and its members share a common desire to serve and promote the objectives of our organization. They are committed to providing an environment for Greek culture and heritage to flourish, thus enriching the unique social and cultural fabric within a vibrant and diverse Canada.

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For well over 100 years, the Greek Community of Toronto (GCT) has been here to support the local Greek population in countless ways. Whether it is to offer your children a strong connection to Greek history and culture through our school, our traditional dance classes, an entertaining and enlightening performance in our theatre or simply providing a venue to worship for your family and social services for the elderly, we play a critical role in the life of our community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden and substantial impact on our cultural heritage sector. Because of Covid-19, friends and families across the GTA and around the world have lost loved ones, businesses have been decimated by the new restrictions and we are all struggling to adapt to this new reality. Sadly, the current circumstances have also had a devastating impact on the GCT. We are facing an economic crisis. With the leadership of our Independent Fundraising committee, we are asking for your support.

We as Greeks have always set aside any differences for our shared common goals and have always met the challenges in times of need.

Now is one of those times.
Every donation helps.

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